General Rules and Conditions

1) Please ‘sign in’ on arrival at the pool including number of people and names of any visitors.

2) Please remember that you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your family and any guests.

3) Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member over 21.

4) Guests - must live more than 10 miles from Wellington. £3 per guest must be paid and are only allowed to attend occasionally. This is to ensure the pool does not become too busy for all members

5) Inflatables and soft balls are allowed in the pool, but please use them with others in mind. Polystyrene floats and hard ‘surfboards’ are not allowed in the pool.

6) Please do not run round the pool.

7) No glasses or glass containers at the poolside. Please take rubbish home.

8)Do not climb on the roofs – they are dangerous.

9) Be discrete with mobile phones.

10) Before 12 noon and after 8pm strictly Lane Swimming only. Please be mindful of those who wish to Lane swim at other times.

Can we please ask that any adults supervising children under the age of 18 are supervising a maximum of 3 children per adult member. As there is no lifeguard in attendance, this is for safety reasons for both the children and other adult swimmers.

Thank you